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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 18, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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breaking news. nine people are dead after a gunman's massacre inside a historic south carolina church. a manhunt is under way for the shooter. here at home a wet start to the morning. here's a look at the rain falling a short time ago in center city, philadelphia. the radar shows more vein moving in ahead of the morning commute. good morning. i'm tracy davidson. this is nbc10 "today." let's get to bill henley with the first alert forecast and find out more about this rain. >> expected rain is moving through this morning. has been at times a bit heavy. the heavier showers are moving offshore but rainy to start with. cape may, it's coming down there.
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some of the heaviest rain of the region in cape may and extending into atlantic city and delaware where it's a little scatter in new castle county. seeing pretty good showers in philadelphia into chester county area. chester county will see those showers break. looks like by mid-morning. the steadier rain will be done and looking for possibly thunderstorms later on today. by 9:00 we will still see some showers in the area and a chance of rain showers at noon time today. by then the temperature not much warmer than the right now. we will be at 70 degrees. we will go through the forecast when i come back in ten minutes. right now find out how the rain is affecting the roads with jessica boyington. >> we have ongoing construction on the westbound and eastbound side. the eastbound closed off to traffic right now. this is cameras at 24th street. three minutes heading westbound
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toward the schuylkill expressway. 95 to the vine 14 minutes and no problems on the schuylkill but we are watching a water main break. 52nd is closed in both directions between lancaster avenue and take market street to get on by. we will check in with more wet roads coming up. tracy? breaking news out of south carolina. a pastor and eight people in his congregation are dead after a man opened fire. a manhunt is under way for the shooter following the massacre. here is the scene of the crime, the oldest ame church in the south. >> we know that overnight the fbi and other federal agencies have joined the search for the shooter. the charleston police chief says that resources are being flown in from washington, d.c.
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the massacre inside charleston emanuel ame church happened last night as a prayer service was under way. a man with sandy blond hair entered the church and began shooting and killed eight people inside the church and one outside and then escaped. the police chief says this is a hate crime. >> this is a tragedy that no community should have to experience. it is senseless. it is unfathomable that somebody in today's society would walk into a church when people are having a prayer meeting and take their lives. >> reporter: one of the church's senior pastors was killed. he is &b[iclementa pinkney. i also learned in the last 20 minutes from the mayor's office they will not release the names of the other victims at this
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time as their families are still being notified. we will have another update for you at 4:30. reporting live in the digital operation center katy zachry nbc10 news. a strong connection between the ame church in charleston and in philadelphia. in the early 1900s, many migrated from south carolina. in the next hour we will be live to speak to the pastor of that church about the shooting. stay with us for continuing coverage. updates every 15 minutes throughout the morning. you can also check the nbc10 news app for the latest information as well. 4:04 and 67 degrees outside. a crash involving six cars on 95 and chester sent several people to the hospital with one of them in critical condition this morning. it happened around 11:30 last night near ninth street. police say a tire from the crash flew into the southbound lane
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hitting a car but that driver wasn't hurt. we have new information in the murder of a woman allegedly committed by her daughter's boyfriend who is in the military. the d.a. says he will not seek the death penalty against caleb barnes who is accused of conspiring with 14-year-old jamie savonik to kill her mother. the teen charged as an adult. the victim was stabbed to death in the driveway of her home near allentown in march. the skir thatjury that convicted wilkins, one decided to give him life in prison yesterday. his brother is awaiting a trial in that murder in 2012. they say the victims were killed in a drug deal gone bad. police are trying to find the man who sexually attacked a woman at a bus stop. it happened early yesterday morning in southwest philadelphia. police say the victim was
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waiting for a bus at south 65th street and dicks avenue when a stranger attacked. police tell us the man pulled the victim into a driveway and sexually assaulted her. we have learned secretaries took surveillance video from a corner bar. workers say the bar's camera points to the area where the attack happened. people who wait for the bus tell us they are concerned for their safety. >> that's devastating. this makes me think if i go outside, i could be next. i hope they catch him whoever he is. i hope he gets caught for doing what he did. >> the attacker got away with the victim's cash and i.d. and debit card. new this morning, the civil rights leader accused of faking her black identity is now reacting with defiance against allegations of violating ethics rules. rachel dolezal stepped down this week as leader of her naacp chapter in washington. her parents say she is white and
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she says she identifies as black. she still leads a volunteer police commission in spokane but yesterday investigators said she broke confidentiality rules. dolezal released a statement which read, in part. pennsylvania agriculture department is investigating after a crash on the pennsylvania turnpike involving dozens of puppies. at that time these pictures. volunteer firefighters found some dogs in the road and others were trapped inside their van. there were 79 in all. two died several others hurt. authorities are checking to see if the dogs were properly stowed. here is where the van hit a car the pennsylvania turnpike. two people were hurt but expected to be okay. the driver was cited for traffic violations. now to an effort to prevent
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crime. philadelphia police are teaming up with local utilities to protect senior citizens from impostors. along with police the water department and peco and others have launched be sure before you open the door. they want to make it easier for senior citizens and others to be sure for someone who claims to be a utility worker really is. the goal is to prevent people from getting scammed and robbed. an official showed us an announcement produced by nbc10. police say if a person suspects they are being scammed, call 911. a plan is in place to quickly figure out if there is a problem. >> we will stale fully engaged with that caller and walk them through that process and give them the level of comfort. >> reporter: police tell us far too many impostors rob older people and they want to reduce this type of crime. rainy start this morning. there is cape may. a live view of the -- from the
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marquee of the lafayette hotel. it's coming down if cape may and help keep our temperatures down during the day. the showers will take a break. we may see breaks of sunshine later this morning. look at the rain coming down on the art museum this morning. 67 and humidity is back up there at 90%. chance of showers and thunderstorm later today. widespread rainfall through the lehigh valley through philadelphia and delaware and south jersey. a few spot on the radar screen showing moderate showers. in chester county southern and eastern chester county right now and into northern new castle county and delaware county new garden seeing heavier rain showers in the area. but this first patch keeps going and then we get a break. not a lot of activity to the west but we will see some spotty
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showers this afternoon. your neighborhood-by-neighborhood look at the showers and clouds will do to the temperature. 64 the high for mt. pocono. looking at 70s for allentown and reading. occasionally showers for mt. holly and trenton. steady rain will push offshore and see shine and 73 this afternoon for dover with a bit more sunshine. but this area all in the 70s today. looks like some wet weather over the weekend. possibly a break on saturday from the heat and from the showers. 80 degrees saturday afternoon, but sunday it's a different story. near 90 degrees. showers and possibly thunderstorms. a look at the extended future weather with more when i'm back in ten minutes. >> bill thanks. 10 after 4:00. we know the ride to work will be wet. let's check with the roads with jessica boyington. >> a big check on new jersey. first, want to touch on 295 around the black horse pike
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where norm we have active work zone here. possibly because of the rain no rain restrictions right now. 13 minutes still. southbound 38 up towards the black horse pike and no problems. just slippery conditions. deptford, new jersey. you can take 55 for that detour or not if you don't want to get on the highway take the black horse pike to get by that scene. cherry hill, new jersey. westbound side down to one lane between south cornell avenue and 11th avenue. 67 degrees outside. we continue to following the breaking news out of south carolina where authorities are searching for a gunman who killed nine people in a church. we will have the very latest next. plus another child attacked by a shark on the east coast. the new beach dealing with the scare in the water this morning. i'm live in center city.
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going back in time. one man's search for war heroes who went to school where he did. i'll have that story coming up.
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. breaking news in south carolina. police searching for a shooter who opened fire during a prayer meeting inside a historic african-american church. nine people were killed including the pastor. this happened last night at the emanuel ame church in charleston. authorities describe the shooting as a hate crime and the shooter is a 21-year-old. the phish is involved in the investigation and we are continuing to gather new information and we will have that for you in about 15 minutes. this morning, we have new information about the deadly
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balcony collapse in berkeley california. the mayor there says it appears to have been caused by rotted wooden beams but the investigation is still under way. inspectors determined another balcony is at risk of collapse and ordered it demolished. six people died. seven were seriously hurt when the fifth floor balcony broke off from a building during a party on tuesday morning. the faa is investigating a near miss at chicago's midway airport. listen to this. >> stop, stop! >> that was a traffic controller screaming at a delta plane on a collision course with a southwest plane. both pilots thought they were cleared for takeoff on intersecting runways. the plane stopped 2,000 feet from crashing. in daytona beach, florida, a 10-year-old boy is recovering from what authorities believe was a shark attack. the boy was swimming in waist-deep water yesterday when he was bitten on his calf.
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medics on the beach treated the boy for minor cuts. two other children lost limbs in separate shark attacks in north carolina on sunday. happening today, the u.s. supreme court could rule on several high profile cases. the justices could make a decision on extending subsidies for the affordable care act and they could also vote on whether to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide. the supreme court still has a total of 17 decisions to hand down this term. happening today, supporters of drivers listenscenses for undocumented immigrants. organizers say they will be delivering more than 2,000 letters to state lawmakers urging them to introduce a bill because they say driver's licenses will allow undocumented immigrants to conduct business and help the economy while carrying a legal i.d. a vigil held in richmond this
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afternoon outside of a house transportation committee member. tracing history from a century ago. a philadelphia man on a mission to identify and honor the lost boys of world world i. >> it's a search and effort to honor those who fought and served in world war i. he wondered why plaques in the walls here honoring the korean war and world war ii. he started his search and found two names and three, then four. now he is up to 12, learning more with each one he discovers.
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>> it's not only the names but the stories of those who died and those who fought in world war i and survived. >> now there is a plaque here at roman dedicated to those who fought and died in the first world war and names are constantly being added. chris says this is something every area in our schoolhould look into and honoring those who sacrificed in every field of battle. how big is this task? i asked him about digging through over 100 years of archives and that part of the story is coming up in the next hour. live in center city m.d. mredatt delucia. >> building boythis boy was on 1945 when an
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ump dropped to the game. he rushed over and gave him cpr until help arrived. >> i feel good. a lot of big names in there. >> he is a volunteer firefighter with the darby fire company number one. clods moving through the area area showers into the afternoon. this is a view looking from center city right up the schuylkill this morning and a rainy view. carolina this morning. 6 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. the rain and clouds keep things cooler today and 70s at the shore and inland as well and most of the area stuck in the 70s after a carolina start in the 60s. chester springs, 65 and 68 in wilmington. quaker town at 64. 60s across delaware. one lone 70 degrees for cape may harbor. rest of south jersey in the 60s
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and looking at rain coming down. showers move through mid-morning and steady rain tapers off and a chance of scattered showers throughout the day. this weekend, a chance we will be affected by tropical depression bill over oklahoma and arkansas and reaching into southern missouri and looks like it's bringing us wet weather for sunday and it's on the move. still a lot of moisture with that system even though the winds will be winding down. as we go into the day later on thursday we could see some scattered showers to the north and this afternoon and into evening, a chance of thunderstorms and into tomorrow morning, a chance of showers and thunderstorms as well. closer look at the weekend with the seven-day forecast when i come back in ten. windshield wipers for your ride to work. jessica, what are you watching
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right now? >> we are looking at wet roads this morning. we don't have a lot of incidents yet because not a lot of volume out on the schuylkill expressway. around montgomery drive you can see if any cars go by. ponding on the roadways and definitely some heavy puddles in the area. so definitely give yourself a little bit of extra time when heading out today on. definitely be careful. eastbound up the vine street expressway a 13-minute trip and no problems if you're heading westbound as well on the schuylkill. p.a. turnpike rain falling in the distance on our radar but 23 minutes still if you're heading westbound from route one to valley forge. out in philadelphia a water main break on 52nd street closed between the following avenues. you can take market street to get through the area. still watching road closure in deptford. perkville road closed northbound and southbound. take the 25 or if you don't want to get on the highway take the black horse pike to get through
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the area. more checks on the roadways coming up. happening today, the phillies try to snap a nine-game losing streak in what is fast becoming one of their poorest seasons in years. the phils came home last night 8 for 0 road trip only to lose to baltimore for a third time this week. phillies have the worst record in the major leagues. phillies try to salvage their final game against the oral yells this afternoon at 1:05. a chance of showers but they should get the game in. delaware is considering an income tax hike and tell you who it could affect. the newest outlet mall in camden county revealed 15 more stores in its lineup. the added extra for the shoppers is next.
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the atlantic city casino crisis is flaring up. several were arrested during this protest that blocked traffic at one point. hundreds of employees demonstrated on the boardwalk and trump taj mahal. workers are trying to have their health and insurance benefits restored. >> i hope we are united and we have each other's back. >> carl icahn is buying the casino. he says the union is concerned more about collecting health insurance than it does its members' jobs. a free veterans fare is being held today in east lansdowne, pennsylvania. the fair is scheduled for the
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east lansdowne borough hall from 11:00 until 2:00. gloucester premium announced the south jerseyshopping outlet with the following stores. it will be located in blackwood. the nearly 380,000 square foot complex will feature a mix of 90 designer and name brands. a delaware house committee is considering proposal to raise income taxes for some people. the current top tax rate is 6.6% for those making $60,000 a year. it would raise the tax hike to 7.1% for families making between $125,000 and $250,000 per year.
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the tax hike official say would bring in 26.5 million for the next fiscal year and 71 million for the following fiscal year. it's a rainy start this morning. 65 degrees. that is rain coming down in center city. 4:27 is the time. steady rain at this hour but changes are ahead. we got on your hour-by-hour forecast coming up. right now, let's see how the roads are faring with the rain. jessica boyington in the first alert traffic center. >> we are going to check in with the rain in our other cameras and see how it's affecting our commute coming up.
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this is a tragedy that no community should have to experience. it is senseless. >> a south carolina state senator is among the nine victims of a massacre in a south charleston church. authorities are searching for the gunman. a rainy start to our thursday. a live look outside showing a wet cape may and the first alert radar shows more rain moving in that could impact your morning commute. 65 degrees right now. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. bill henley has his first alert forecast. >> only the steady rainfall for first thing this morning. after we


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